Never before has there been a book like this ...

Never before has there been a book like this ...

Never before has there been a book like this ...Never before has there been a book like this ...Never before has there been a book like this ...

Ramen Noodle Resume ... the book


You've worked hard in college and are on the cusp of an exciting journey toward a career

Hear from those who have the hands-on experience to really know what it takes to land that job


Each chapter gives you tools for success

What we know is that, in spite of all the changes brought about by a digital world, resumes are crucial to earning that job offer


Your resume must focus on skills and accomplishments

Your resume needs to take the reader on a journey that highlights your abilities and potential and gives insights into what makes you special

... it's a rare case when social media fame proves to be the driving force behind landing that job ... 

all those contacts, followers, friends and likes 

don't substitute for a strong resume, a targeted job search 

and taking full advantage of job-search technology



Even in today's digital world, your resume  

remains at the core of getting that job. 

In fact, every "upload" and "autofill" relies on it. 

"Key words" make the internet work for you.


Clear and powerful career goals, strengths, 

skills and areas of excellence  drive your candidacy.

Right up front, your passion and drive come through.


Never forget: what you are selling is you

Your resume is all about persuasion. 

Write the best commercial ever ... for yourself.

Your goal is to make the reader determined and eager to meet you in person -- because you grabbed their attention and built excitement about your potential.


Your most important job now is getting a job


some perspectives on Landing that job

Written by:

Roni Avissar, PhD

Justin Fox, investment banker

Julie Biber, executive recruiter

Patrick Ford, former corporate vice-chair and CEO 

About The author

Chris Komisarjevsky


Chris Komisarjevsky is a retired worldwide CEO of Burson-Marsteller, a leading global public relations counseling firm. His previous books include Peanut Butter and Jelly Management – Tales From Parenthood, Lessons For Managers which was published seven times, including in the US, China, Korea and  France. His second book, The Power of Reputation, drew on interviews with distinguished professionals and underscored the importance of a career and personal reputation built on authenticity, trust and values. He serves as an independent director and governance chair of three mutual funds, taught at Boston University as a chaired professor and served in the US Army as a combat helicopter pilot. 

Chris holds a master’s degree in business (MBA) from the University of Connecticut and is a member of its Business School Hall of Fame and has a bachelor’s degree in political science from Union College.

He has nine children and lives in Atlantic Beach, New York, with his wife, Reina.



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